PTFE tube AWG-22S / 0,71 mm id x 1,31 mm od

From 0.35 per meter

Rol premium grade  PTFE tube AWG-22S

Only 100% pure PTFE material
Order 250 meters get 55 meters for free
Small tolerance on the diameter – +/-0.05 mm
Shipped within 24 hours
Also available in cut to size pieces

47 meter in stock

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Description PTFE tube AWG-22S

This PTFE tube AWG-22S has an outside diameter of 1.31 mm (OD) and an inside diameter of 0.71 mm (ID). So the wall thickness is  0.30 mm. Our PTFE tubes are made exclusively from first-class PTFE granulate and no recycled material is added. So we can always guarantee high quality. We also meet the highest demands within the industry in terms of diameter tolerances.

AWG-tubes in PTFE

American Wire Gauge PTFE tubes, abbreviated AWG PTFE tubes, are generally used for electrical insulation applications. The AWG diameter corresponds to the AWG thickness of the power wire. Our AWG hoses can also be ordered in any length with the PTFE tube productgenerator and in addition to the excellent insulating properties, the PTFE tubes have a wide temperature range (-70 °C to +260 °C) are highly resistant to chemicals, weather resistant and non-flammable. In addition, PTFE tubes have no adhesion, very low friction and are UV-resistant (does not age).

Properties of PTFE:

√ Excellent chemical resistance

√ Large temperature range

√ Hydrophobic

√ Very low coefficient of friction

√ Greatest resistance to fatigue

√ Non-flammable

√ FDA approved

√ Low dielectric constant

If you are looking for more information about the unique material PTFE then the full description on the properties of PTFE on Wikipedia might be interesting:

Order PTFE tube with 8 benefits ǀ

This AWG-22S or 0,71 mm id x 1,31 mm od PTFE tube is supplied to our 8 core values:

1) Shipment within 24 hours for stock items
2) PTFE tube, first class quality with tight tolerances, also view the product specifications
3) Cut to size is optional
4) Customer specific stock and Just-in-time delivery; contact us to discuss the possibilities
5) Delivery on credit, Please fill the following form is you wish to open an account
6) Worldwide delivery
7) CO2 reduction, we plant a tree for every 20 kilos of material that we sell
8) We have the lowest prices, should our price not be right. Let us know and we will give you an alternative offer

Other questions

If you would like some additional information about PTFE tubes or in particular this PTFE hose 0.71 mm id x 1.31 mm od, take a look at the downloads tab, there you will find extensive information about chemical resistance, bending radius and the general datasheet. If you have any further questions, Jeroen our product specialist, is at your disposal!

Additional information

Weight0.000054 kg
Dimensions55 × 55 × 25 cm
Inner size


Outer size

1, 2


PTFE tubing is often used in very harsh or demanding applications. Therefore, they are widely used in the following industries:

– Aviation

– Chemical industry

– Car industry

– Electrical applications

– Medical industry

– Food industry

– Textiles

– 3D printing

The larger your order, the more discount you will get. The price for this PTFE tube AWG-22S is structured as follows:
50 meter€ 49,90
100 meter€ 87,50
250 meter€ 199,90
500 meter€ 387,23
1000 meter€ 587,23
2500 meter€ 1112,23

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