Anti static PTFE tube 10 mm x 12 mm

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Conductive PTFE tube 10mm x 12mm

The resistance of these conductive PTFE tubes in less than 10⁶ Ω
Small tolerance on the diameter
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Description anti static PTFE tube 10 mm x 12 mm

This anti-static PTFE tube has an outside diameter of 12 mm (OD) and an inside diameter of 10 mm (ID). So the wall thickness is 1.0 mm. Our PTFE tubes are made exclusively from first-class PTFE granulate and no recycled material is added. Carbon is added to the anti-static tubes to achieve the natural black color and conductive properties.

Anti static/ Conductive PTFE tubes are often used in situations where the flow rate of the medium is high. These high speeds can create a static charge, which may cause electrical sparks. These can burn holes in the tube or ignite the medium. For this reason, a flexible PTFE tube is recommended, especially with flammable liquids!

The carbon that is mixed in the PTFE tube provides better conductivity, so less static charge builds up in the tube. The resistance of these conductive PTFE tubes in lower than 10⁶ Ω.

Properties of anti-static PTFE tubes:

Of course, our anti-static PTFE tubes also have the excellent properties of our standard PTFE tube, such as:

– fire-resistant and flame-retardant;
– workable temperature range from -190c to +260c;
– excellent chemical resistance;
– resistant to water;
– very low coefficient of friction;
– great resistance to fatigue;
– FDA approved

Because less than 2.5% carbon is added to achieve the better conductivity of the anti-static PTFE tube, the tube remains chemically resistant to almost all chemicals.

With our PTFE tube product generator you can also order cut -to-size PTFE tube online so they will perfectly fitt your product or application.

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