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Purchase PTFE tube with these 8 advantages:

The PTFE tubes of PTFE tube shop will be supplied to the following 8 core principles:

  1. Shipping within 24 hours
  2. PTFE tubes: premium quality with thight tolerances
  3. Cut to size
  4. Custom specific stock and just in time supplied
  5. Delivery on credit
  6. Worldwide shipping
  7. CO2 reduction
  8. Price

1) Shipping within 24 hours

On our website you can immediately see how many meters we still have in stock for each fiamter PTFE tube. If your tube is in stock, we will deliver it within 24 hours. Delivery time depends on the country to which the PTFE tube is send. If there is high urgency, we can also ship on your DHL or FedEx account number.

2) PTFE tube, premium quality with thight tolerances

Our PTFE tubes are made exclusively from first-class PTFE granules and no recycled material is added. This means we can always guarantee high quality. We also meet the highest demands within the industry in terms of diameter tolerances. Looking for a Teflon tube? Please check out the differences here.

3) PTFE tube cut to size

With our unique PTFE tube product generator you can order cut to size PTFE tubes onlinem ready to be used immediately into your product. Choose the diameter, length and quantity and order online. Perhaps also interesting when you are developing a new product, this way you can easily order small pieces of different diameters for testing.

4) Custom specific stock and just in time supplied

Annual contracts, call or orders, Just in time deliveries, it is all possible. Your production will never come to a standstill again because you are out of stock. Contact Jeroen, our productspecialist, to discuss the options. Our customer-specific stock is not visible online. This is specifically reserved for you.

5) Delivery on credit

We realize that as a buyer you prefer to be delivered on a 30 days credit. Please fill the new customer form and based on the result of a credit check we will see if we can deliver on account. You will receive a login code so that you can still order online, but with a 30-day payment terms.

6) Worldwide shipping

We can have your order delivered worldwide. Provide the country and address during the check out and the system will automatically calculate the logistics costs. If it is very urgent we can also send the PTFE tubes on your DHL or FedEx account.

7) CO2 reduction

The future is green. We strive to keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible and we want the entire chain to be CO2 neutral in the future. However, this requires time. But many small steps also make great distances. That is why we plant a tree with every 20 kilo PTFE tube sold.

8) price

And of course the price. Because you get a direct quote online, it is easy to compare the price with your current supplier. Our research shows that we are the cheapest. If that is not the case for you, please let us know. In case of very large numbers or you want to become a dealer, please contact us.

Certification of PTFE tube

Certificate of Conformity

If desired, the products can be supplied with a CofC. This shows that the goods that have been delivered meet the specifications as described above.

FDA certification

All  our standard PTFE tubes  are FDA certified. This means that in America the products may be in contact with food and food-related areas.

High quality PTFE tube

We only supply PTFE tube of very high quality. This has to do with the quality of the granulate, the tolerances and the way our tubes are tested. To guarantee this, we use the following principles:

PTFE granulate

We only use first class granules. No recycled materials are added and the granulate flow is tightly controlled in the factory.

If your specifications do not allow us to use our standard granulate, it might be interesting to read about the difference between PTFE hose and Teflon hose

Quality guarantees


Every production run is checked to see if the diameter is correct and within the strict tolerance as mentioned in below graph:

Tolerances of the PTFE tube:

Inner Diameter(mm)Tolerance(mm)
0,2 mm – 1,99 mm± 0.10 mm
2,0 mm – 3,99 mm± 0.15 mm
4,0 mm – 5,99 mm± 0.20mm
6,0 mm – 10,99 mm± 0.25 mm
11,0 mm – 13,99 mm± 0.30 mm
14,0 mm – 17,99 mm± 0.35 mm
18,0 mm – 24,99 mm± 0.40 mm


Unlike many other suppliers of PTFE tube, testing is not done on the basis of sampling, but a full inspection of each individual roll is done. This checks for any leaks, cracks and pressure resistance.

Pressure resistance of PTFE tube:

Size (ID X OD)Max Working Pressure in Bar 20C°Burst Pressure Bar
2mm x 4mm36144
4mm x 6mm2393
6mm x 8mm1663
8mm x 10mm13,353
10mm x 12mm1043.5
12mm x 14mm936

Buy PTFE tube:

You are about to buy a tube, for example the PTFE tube for a 3D printer. We will highlight the 2 most important features:


One of the most important features is the large temperature range from -190 ° C to 260 ° C. the melting point of a PTFE tube is even higher, around 326 ° C,

Due to the large temperature range of a PTFE tube it can be used in a variety of applications, for example the hot part of the 3D printer uses a PTFE tube for the flow of the filament.

Read our blog about heat-resistant tubes here.

Chemical resistant

The material is resistant to almost everything. Acids and chemicals have virtually no effect. Nevertheless, we always recommend testing extensively, especially in critical environments.

For a complete list of unique features also view this page


Our standard PTFE tubes are suitable for 3D print applications. However, the Capricorn tubes are developed specifically for this application, additives are applied, giving the tubes less friction and the ability to withstand higher temperatures.  Here you can find further information on Capricorn Premium PTFE Bowden tubes.

We stock the 4 most common Capricorn tubes:

Need a sample PTFE tube or Teflon tube?

Looking for PTFE tube samples or Teflon tube samples? Then our product generator is ideal. It is possible to order a sample, a small piece, from many different types and diameters of PTFE tube to test which one is most suitable for your application.

Alternative diameters

Looking for a size that we son’t have on stock? A special wall thickness or a different diameter? No problem, fill in the quote request form and we will make a suitable quote. We can supply tubes with a maximum outer diameter of 30 mm and with wall thickness between 0.1 mm to a maximum of 5 mm.

There are also options for colored, anti-static or convoluted tubes. Please have a look to our blog to see what is possible.

PTFE rod 

Besides PTFE tubes we also supply PTFE rods / PTFE solid rods. These are used mostly to manufacture all kinds of chemical, electrical and mechanical components, where the excellent performance characteristics of PTFE are required. Here you can find further information on PTFE rods.

We have the following diameters in stock:

Alternative granulate – Dupont – Chemours – Daikin

We have extensively tested the standard granules that we use. If your specifications do not allow us to use our standard granules, we can also offer alternative granules such as Teflon ® PTFE from Dupont / Chemours or Polyflon PTFE from Daikin. Please also have a look at the differences between a PTFE and Teflon tube

Keep in mind that prices of these PTFE tubes are significantly higher.

Alternative material – FEP – PFA

In addition to PTFE, there are other plastics within the same group called Fluoroplastics. This includes FEP and PFA. We can also offer these. If you are interested in this, please fill the quotation form so we can make a suitable offer.

Perhaps a good alternative to a PTFE hose.

Special PTFE tube

By adding additives, tubes can be made that have properties that differ from normal PTFE tubes such as anti-static  and colored  PTFE tubes

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