Heat resistant tube

Temperature range heat resistant PTFE tube:

We often receive the question whether our PTFE tube is also suitable as a heat resistant tube. Our PTFE tube is very suitable as a heat resistant tube. PTFE has a workable temperature range between -190 c and +260 c and the melting point is even higher at + 327 c.

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Properties heat resistant PTFE tube

Unlike other plastics, PTFE is not flammable but is even flame-extinguishing. Because of these properties, PTFE material is very suitable in situations with high temperatures. A well-known example of this, which everyone has in house, is the Teflon coated non-stick pans.

Our heat resistant PTFE tubes, perhaps better known under the name Teflon tubes (see here the differences between a teflon tube and a PTFE tube), have a superior chemical compatibility, resist moisture, perform at high and low temperatures and offer a low friction coefficient.

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Heat resistant PTFE tubes last long  and do not weather. If you have any questions or need advice to choose the right hose, please contact Jeroen our product specialist.

We can in principle supply any diameter, but we have the most common diameters in stock and we can deliver within 24 hours. You can also easily order cut-to-size tubes online with our unique product generator.


All our heat resistant PTFE hoses are FDA approved, which means that they meet the strict requirements of the food industry. Our tubes also comply with both REACH and RohS certification.

Applications heat resistant PTFE tubing

PTFE tubes are ideal for applications in the food industry, electrical installations, automotive industry, aerospace and other applications where high demands are placed on the material specifications.

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