Capricorn XS Bowden PTFE Tube for 2.85 mm filament

From 10.17 per meter

Capricorn XS Bowden PTFE Tube for 2.85 mm filament

Official Capricorn product
With diameter guaranteed and perfectly round
For 1.75 mm filament
Very low friction
The world’s best PTFE Bowden tubes
Also available in measures cut to size

18 meter in stock

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Description Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tubing XS

The Capricorn XS series professional Bowden Tubing is made from the highest quality PTFE. The secret mix of additives with high lubrication causes the deep-blue colour. The Capricorn XS PTFE tube is suitable for a 2,85mm filament and has the lowest possible friction, and is resistant against higher temperatures than the TL variant.

  • For printing with a flexible filament
  • For printing with high temperatures, such as with ABS or PETG
  • For printing with an abrasive filament
  • For printing with maximum speed

High Lubricity Additives make the XS series Bowden PTFE tubes the tubes with the lowest friction in on the market. The additives are included in the PTFE, they are not a coating. Less friction means greater responsiveness, less retraction, more accurate printing, less slippage or wear and tear at the extruder and equally less clogging during printing with thick filaments, such as wood or iron filaments.

Lower retraction means timesaving every time the extruder retracts. Over the duration of a printing session a few milliseconds here and there will accumulate into considerable time saved.

3,2 mm inner diameter

The 3,2 mm inner diameter x 6,35 outer diameter, with a very tight tolerance of ± 0.05 mm, is more than for traditional PTFE tubes and therefore reduces the ‘wriggle room’ or kinking in the tube, in order to allow you to print with flexible filaments in 3D, even on the longest Bowden systems.

If you are looking for more information about the unique material PTFE then the full description on the properties of PTFE on Wikipedia might be interesting:

Order Capricorn XS tube with 8 benefits ǀ

This Capricirn XS PTFE tube is supplied to our 8 core values:

1) Shipment within 24 hours for stock items
2) PTFE tube, first class quality with tight tolerances, also view the product specifications
3) Cut to size is optional
4) Customer specific stock and Just-in-time delivery; contact us to discuss the possibilities
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6) Worldwide delivery
7) CO2 reduction, we plant a tree for every 20 kilos of material that we sell
8) We have the lowest prices, should our price not be right. Let us know and we will geive you an alternative offer

Other questions

If you have any other questions or you would like some extra information about PTFE tubes or in particular this Capricorn Bowden XS PTFE tube, please also have a look at the tab downloads for extensive information about chemical resistance, bending radius and the general data sheet. If you have any further questions, Jeroen our product specialist is ready for you!

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Additional information

Weight0.000054 kg
Dimensions55 × 55 × 25 cm
Inner size

3, 4

Outer size

6, 7

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