Cleanroom PTFE tubing

What is a cleanroom PTFE TUBE?

For some applications a cleanroom PTFE tube is required. The PTFE tube is produced in cleanroom conditions and vacuum packed. A cleanroom is a controlled environment in which air pollution is regulated to certain limited values. The contamination caused by people, facilities, processes and equipment is controlled and contamination is continuously removed from the air.

The most commonly used standard for airborne contamination removal is ISO14644-1.

To prevent pollution, the entire environment is controlled, such as air pressure and displacement, temperature, humidity and filtering of the air.


Cleanroom tubes are mainly used in situations where extremely hygienic and clean work has to be carried out and absolutely no contamination can take place. Applications of these PTFE hoses are mainly found in the electronics, pharmaceutical and medical industry.


Of course, these tubes also have the excellent properties of our standard PTFE tubing:

  • Fire resistant and flame retardant
  • Workable temperature range from -190c to + 260c
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resistant to water
  • Very low friction coefficient
  • Great resistance to fatigue
  • FDA approved
  • REACH as RohS certification
  • Low dielectric constant (insulating effect in electrical applications).

If you want to order a cleanroom PTFE tube, please request a quote here. If a PTFE tube produced under normal conditions is sufficient for your application, please have a look at our full range of PTFE tubes in full rolls or PTFE tube cut to size.

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