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We do it different; no days of waiting for a suitable quotation. No delivery times of 6 weeks or even longer and not only ordering full 100 meter rolls of PTFE hose.

We are a young company that is specialized in PTFE hose. Cut to size and sent within a day. From quotation to order, this can all be arranged online. Of course Jeroen our product specialist is available if you are looking for technical support.

Stock items:

PTFE buizen

We are constantly working to keep the right PTFE hoses in stock. We can currently supply PTFE hoses from stock with diameters between 1 mm and 22 mm. We have 3 wall thicknesses for most sizes; 0.5 mm for light flexible applications, 1.0 mm for medium strength or 1.5 mm for a very robust PTFE hose.


We currently have 42 different diameters of PTFE hose in stock:

PTFE hose  not in stock

If your needed PTFE hose is not availalbe from stock, please, let us know and we will consider whether we want to take that size in stock.

In addition to the above overview of PTFE hoses, we can supply almost all sizes. Metric, Inches or AWG are all possible. Virtually all combinations are possible with wall thicknesses between 0.1 mm and 5 mm. It is also possible to work with annual contracts and call off orders so that we can deliver from stock within 24 hours after production.