When do I receive my order?

We strive to ship your order with PostNL or GLS within 24 hours after receipt of payment, based on availablility from stock. Depending on the country it needs to be shipped to, a number of delivery days will be added. As soon as we have sent the package you will receive a tracking code with which you can track the package.

What are the small order costs?

For orders less than 20 euros,  there is a 10 euros in small order surcharge. Tip: it is often cheaper to order a little more tubing to avaoid this surcharge.

How fast will I receive my order?

Packages within Europe are generally shipped with GLS. All envelopes and packages outside Europe with Postnl.

View the current delivery times per carrier here:


I need to receive my package faster, is that possible?

If you want to receive your parcels faster, we could book them through other, faster logistics partners or on your transporter’s account number. This might cause additional costs.

What are the shipping charges?

We apply fixed low rates within the European Union. It does not matter whether you place a small order or a very large order.

Netherlands €      6,25Ireland €       16,95Hongaria €       22,50
Belgium €      7,50Italy €       16,95Croatië €       22,50
Germany €      8,70Poland €       16,95Latvia €       22,50
Denmark €       12,50Portugal €       16,95Lithuania €       22,50
France €       12,50Spain €       16,95Romania €       22,50
Luxemburg €       12,50Zweden €       22,50Slovenia €       22,50
Austria €       12,50Bulgaria €       22,50Slovakia €       22,50
United Kongdom €       12,50Estonia €       22,50Czech Republic €       22,50
Finland €       16,95

Outside the European Union, delivery carges are calculated by weight:

0 tot 999 gr €       50,008 kg. tot 8999 gr €     103,00
1  kg. tot 1999 gr €       55,009 kg. tot 9999 gr €     107,00
2 kg. tot 2999 gr €       60,0010 kg. tot 10999 gr €     117,00
3 kg. tot 3999 gr €       65,0011 kg. tot 11999 gr €     122,00
4 kg. tot 4999 gr €       73,8012 kg. tot 12999 gr €     135,00
5 kg. tot 5999 gr €       78,0013 kg. tot 13999 gr €     137,00
6 kg. tot 6999 gr €       84,0014 kg. tot 14999 gr €     142,00
7 kg. tot 7999 gr €       93,0015 kg. tot 15999 gr €     148,00

I would like to order, but I would like to puchase on credit?

This is generally not a problem. We use a credit check to see whether we can deliver on account. If approved, you simply receive an invoice that must be paid within 30 days. Send us an email with your company details and the purchase order and we will open an account for you!

Do I always receive the hose in 1 piece?

We try to deliver your order in as few pieces as possible, but in 1 piece is not always possible. For example, it could happen that an order of, for example, 70 meters is delivered in a section of 50 meters and a section of 20 meters or 40 + 30 meters depending on the stock. In general, our full rolls are 50 or 100 meters long depending on the requested diameter.