Capricorn TL Bowden PTFE Tube for 1.75 mm filament

From 6.33 per meter

Capricorn TL Bowden PTFE Tube for 1.75 mm filament

Official Capricorn product
With diameter guaranteed and perfectly round
For 1.75 mm filament
Very low friction
The world’s best PTFE Bowden tubes
Also available in measures cut to size

173 meter in stock

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Description of Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tubing TL series

This TL series High Performance Bowden Tubing from Capricorn is marked out by its light-blue colour with good transparency.

The tubes have a very low friction coefficient, resulting in less wear to the extruder and less chance of a printing error. The heat tolerance of the virgin PTFE exceeds that of the average PTFE found elsewhere.

Your printer looks as good as its performance. You will marvel at the looks and the results of our TL series tubes.

2.0 mm inner ± 0,05 mm diameter

This diameter is comparable to that of traditional PTFE tubes, but this diameter has a very tight tolerance and a perfectly round aperture.

The TL series are suitable for printing with larger, abrasive and less consistent filaments or filaments containing particles. It’s also excellent for extremely long Bowden tubes and filament guides, also known as the ‘reverse Bowden’ application.

The transparency allows the user to view the filament inside through the PTFE. This is useful in problem diagnosis or by replacement of the filament during printing.

Capricorn XS PTFE slang

If you are looking for more information about the unique material PTFE then the full description on the properties of PTFE on Wikipedia might be interesting:

Order Capricorn TL tube with 8 benefits ǀ

This Capricorn TL PTFE tube is supplied to our 8 core values:

1) Shipment within 24 hours for stock items
2) PTFE tube, first class quality with tight tolerances, also view the product specifications
3) Cut to size is optional
4) Customer specific stock and Just-in-time delivery; contact us to discuss the possibilities
5) Delivery on credit, Please fill the following form is you wish to open an account
6) Worldwide delivery
7) CO2 reduction, we plant a tree for every 20 kilos of material that we sell
8) We have the lowest prices, should our price not be right. Let us know and we will geive you an alternative offer

Other questions

If you have any other questions or you would like some extra information about PTFE tubes or in particular this Capricirn TL PTFE tube, please also have a look at the tab downloads for extensive information about chemical resistance, bending radius and the general data sheet. If you have any further questions, Jeroen our product specialist is ready for you!

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Dimensions55 × 55 × 25 cm
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