Product generator

Generate a cut-to-size tube in any length

Our unique PTFE tube generator makes it possible to order the required length and diameter easy online. You order exactly the right PTFE tube in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose the most important diameter of the PTFE tube (inside or outside diameter) + the size in mm
  2. Pick the right tube
  3. Fill in the length and quantity

The generator calculates the correct price for your product online. After ordering, we can generally deliver within 24 hours.

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Order your customized PTFE tube in 3 simple steps!


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One of our German customers says the following:

“I developed a great new coffee machine but I didn’t want to buy 100 meters or just PTFE tubing. This way I could test the tube and now we order cut to size tubing every month ”

Test PTFE tube

Our PTFE tube generator is also extremely suitable for testing with the different diameters or with the different wall thicknesses. Do you not yet know exactly which PTFE tube is most suitable for your application, just order a number of sample PTFE tubes from, for example, a meter so that you first know which size is most suitable for your application. In addition to this unique advantage of our PTFE tube shop, also view the other 7 advantages of our PTFE hoses

Custom PTFE tube

If you have already tested and approved your PTFE pipe, we can put your tailor-made PTFE pipe in stock through annual contracts and call-off orders. Ready to ship. This way you will never miss out on production, but you also do not have too much in stock.

PTFE teflon tube

The tubes that we supply with this product generator are made from 100% pure PTFE granules of premium quality. If your specifications do not allow you to use an alternative granulate, we recommend that you also consider the differences between PTFE and Teflon tubes.