Spirally corrugated PTFE hoses

Application spiral corrugated PTFE TUBE

Corrugated PTFE hose has a wide range of applications, including in the food industry. The hose has a corrugated structure, making it very flexible and sturdy. A reinforced steel spiral has been applied as reinforcement.

Properties spiral corrugated PTFE TUBE

Of course our spiral corrugated PTFE tubes also have the excellent properties of our standard PTFE hose:
fire-resistant and flame-resistant;
-workable temperature range from -190c to + 260c;
-excellent chemical resistance;
-resistant to water;
-very low coefficient of friction;
great resistance to fatigue;
FDA approved

Certification spiral corrugated PTFE TUBE

All our spiral corrugated PTFE tubes are FDA approved, which means that it meets the strict requirements of the food industry and may be used.
Our hoses also meet both REACH and RohS certification.

Order a spiral corrugated PTFE hose

If you want to order a spiral corrugated PTFE hose, request a quote here.

If a spiral corrugated PTFE tube is not required for your application, order a PTFE tube easily online

PTFE tubeĀ 

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